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Bulk Hemp Processing

Full Spectrum CBD Extract from Colorado Green Films Technology

Naturally Better!
We at Colorado GFT have developed a proprietary, direct Infusion technique that keeps our full spectrum oils flavor and potency intact, the way Nature intended.
No solvents, alcohol, hydrocarbons, or CO2 are ever used in our process, avoiding the destructive effects of these methods, ensuring the best retention of naturally occurring terpenes and cannabinoids present in our carefully grown and handled whole hemp.  This means our oils remain wholesome, and effective, and never need to be reconstructed, as a product made from isolate or distillate would.
We test every batch up to five times throughout the cGMP compliant process with gas chromatograph mass spectrometry to ensure quality and potency.  We use all organic essential oils and flavors with organic MCT coconut oil as a base, to ensure the best health benefit of our tinctures.
By respecting what Nature has provided, and gently extracting only the best whole hemp grown, we are certain we are bringing you the finest, healthiest, full spectrum CBD oil available anywhere.

Taste the difference!
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